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Image by Kristina Tamašauskaitė

London, 1938. When Danny Beck, petty crook and womaniser, takes up a new job in the country to be near the pretty rich girl who's caught his eye, he has no idea it's going to be the last job he ever needs.


From the outside, The Larches looks like any respectable middle-class country house, but the family has its problems. Behind the net curtains, resentments fester and passions are thwarted. To the women of the house, Danny seems the answer to their problems, and he's happy to oblige.


Danny's having a good time, and it's only when the pretty rich girl asks him to kill her father does he realise he may be in over his head.


If Danny says No, he'll lose the girl and her fortune. If he says Yes, he'll get everything he desires, but risk putting his neck in the hangman's noose.

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